domingo, 7 de octubre de 2012

Sharing virtual enviroment with women

In 1996 sent my application form to Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency-Sida, and Kalmar University-FOJO in order to participate in gender issues and journalism program. I was selected among 20 journalists from countries in development all over the world. The experience of being chosen as one of those 20 women was wonderful,  but finding myself in the mirror of colleagues with different accents but just feeling, it was better. 
The Swedish teachers during a month tried to seed awareness about Internet and this virtual environment as tool to empower and grow in knowledge.
There was another programs for latinoamerican leaders with other professions, but with same characteristics. Their training time was a little longer and they sowed the need to empower more women on gender from the union, as if America were a single territory without borders. In this way, the Latin American Network of Women in Management was born with Lidia Heller (Argentina), Ana Yoshioka (Colombia), Ileana Díaz (Cuba) as leaders.
Thankful to life, as  Mercedes Sosa would say, these women opened their hearts to me and not only  they give me the opportunity to interview them in a new program in Chile in 1999. They have made international events, e-learning programs, have a huge database of women leaders in business management and organizations of all kinds. 
From this month, October 2012, I will be sharing about communication from organizations and virtuality that internet provide us. We hope these experience feed social awareness and gender, diversity, about empowerment in favor of a culture of respect and consideration.

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